It’s official. Last Friday my university held our graduation ceremony, which means that I finally have my diploma and that BA title. It was a lovely day, and I was more than happy that my parents and grandparents managed to be there as well.

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My taste, your taste…

Gotta write a paper for university and chose the emergence of fashion blogging in our super-duper media-, convergence-, and participatory culture as a topic. I love my master! Honestly!
Came across this. Had to post it.

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Long time no blogging

Yes, yes, yes, I’ve been absent for quite a while. No excuses for that.

So much stuff has happened during the last couple of weeks, so here comes a very brief summary:

I went to Zürich for an admission exam at the University. They didn’t accept me though, because apparently, we students from Maastricht are too practical oriented and think too much for ourselves. Well, what do you say to something like that except WTF!? Despite the fact that the outcome concerning my future at UZH wasn’t that swell, I still had an amazing week. I stayed at my friend Annika’s place. She was the best host I could ask for. Zürich has been as awesome as always and I spent most of my time there right at the lake. From Sunday to Monday, Annika and I went on a two-day hike in Uri and Schwyz and spent one night at Alp Spilau. In case you’ve never done such thing, I can highly recommend it.

From Zürich I continued my journey to Südtirol in Northern Italy where my parents and my aunt and uncle spent their summer holiday. We spent most of our time hiking through beautiful country sides except for a trip to Trento and to Meran. Oh yes, and I celebrated my birthday there in a climbing crag. Good fun!

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Damn straight!

Happy Birthday to me!

And to my friend Marie who happens to be born on the exact same day!


Grüezi, Züri!

Yes, that’s right. I’m back in Zürich! Though, only for a week since I have to take an admission exam at the university. If I manage to pass that, and the UZH manages to accept my request of admission, I’ll do my master here starting this fall. Wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed, I fear I might need it.

I’m staying at my lovely friend Annika (hopefully not annoying her too much or exploiting her hospitality).

What can I say… Zürich is great, especially in summer when you can go to the lake!

Ode an die Handtasche

There is so much truth in this little poem I spotted on a wall in Maastricht next to a handbag store. I’m right there with you, person whoever wrote that. I truly love my handbag(s)!


À Paris avec maman

Il n’y a que deux endroits au monde où l’on puisse vivre heureux: chez soi et à Paris

– Ernest Hemmingway

Last week my mom and I went to Paris for a couple of days. It was simply marvelously wonderful. Paris is probably one of the most beautiful and multifarious city I’ve ever been in. It’s more than understandable why so many artists throughout decades and centuries chose it as their home.

My mom and I only stayed there from Thursday morning until Sunday evening but we managed to squeeze in a lot of city-seeing. We tried to avoid most of the places where the masses go such as Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe or Les Tuileries, as we had been there on a previous visit.

We had rented the small apartment of a French woman who apparently spends summer in the South. I can definitely recommend this form of accommodation as it is a completely different ‘feeling’ compared to staying in a hotel. Unfortunately though, this one was not the cleanest and tidiest one. However, the location was pretty nice which and rather central being close to La Bastille and in a neighborhood that was covered with lovely cafés, little stores and Marché d’Aligre nearby.

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